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About Us

W.J Watch Repair was founded in 1975 Seoul Korea.

Since 2001, W.J Watch Repair has served quality assured repair service with standards using the highest quality components and part supply in keeping with W.J’s history of horological master craftsmanship in Toronto Canada.

By more than 40 year experience, W.J Watch Repair has represented the highest standards in customer service and satisfaction. W.J Watch Repair & Supply provides quality repair work for watch & clock. All clocks and watches are serviced by professional technicians who have decades of experiences.

W.J Watch Repair is extremely focused on offering the BEST Service at every level especially in our Watch repair Center, where we have a full-fledge Service Career. The level of craftmanship and the attention to detail is our guarantee to make  100% client satisfaction.

specialises in the restoration and repair of antique clocks and watches

We specialise in

  • Restoration and repair of watches and antique clocks
  • Glass & Bezel replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Bracelets, Casings & Leather Straps repair / Change
  • Water resistance, Polishing & Laser Welding service
  • Warranty
  • Parts supply

Owner Woo Seo 

▶ 1975 – Completed formal curriculum of watch technology at Hanmi Watch Institute

▶ 1975 – Established W.J Watch Repair Company in Seoul Korea

▶ 1979 – Second place in watch repair competition at Seoul Skill Olympic

▶ 1979 – First place in watch repair competition at Korea National Skill Olympic

▶ 1980 – A member of International Apprentices Competition

▶ 1991 – Acquisition of Registered Watch Repair Technician State in Korea

(Human Resource Development Service of Korea)

▶ 1992 – A Referee Board of Watch Repair at Korea Regional Apprentices Competition

▶ 1993 – Acquisition of Registered Opticians State in Korea (The Health Minister)

▶ 1993 – A Referee Board of Watch Repair at KyeongKi Apprentices Competition in Korea

– Completed Course of ROLEX A/S in ROLEX in GENEVA

▶ 1996 – A Referee Board of Watch Repair at Seoul Regional Apprentices Competition

▶ 1997 – A Referee Board of Watch Repair at Korea Apprentices Competition

▶ 1998 – Certified Question Designer of Watch Repair Technician Exam in Korea

▶ 2000 – Immigrated to Canada

▶ 2001 – Worked for Toronto TJ. Supply

▶ 2002 – Established W.J Watch Repair in Toronto

▶ 2003 – Moved expanded business place (#503-1)

▶ 2005 – Moved expanded business place (#501)

▶ 2016 – Invited and got watch repair table test at Hublot Watch Service Centre (Miami, U.S.A.)

▶ 2017 – W.J 2nd retail mall open at Diamond Center (1st FL. 21 Dundas Sq. Toronto)


♣ A Member of K.W.I

♣ A Member of A.W.I

♣ A Member of N.A.W.C.C

♣ A Former Director of Korea A Clock Technology Association

♣ A Chairman of Seoul Eunpyung Junior Chamber (1997)

1975 – 한미 시계 기술 학원 정규과 수료

1979 – 서울 지방 기능 경기 대회 (시계 수리 직종 은메달) 성동기계공고

1979 – 14회 전국 기능경기 대회 (시계 수리 직종 은메달) 인천

1980 – 국제 기능 올림픽 국가대표선수 참여 (자유중국:대만)

1991 – 국가공인 시계수리 기능사 취득 (산업인력관리공단)

1993 – 국가공인 안경사 획득 (보사부 장관)

1992 – 광주, 전남 기능경기대회 심사위원

1993 – 경기도 기능경기대회 심사위원

1996 – 서울 지방 기능경기대회 심사워원

1997 – 전국 기능경기대회 심사위원

1998 – 전국 기능검정 시험문제 출제위원

2000 – CANADA 이민


2002 – W.J. WATCH REPAIR (시계박사) OPEN (21 Dundas Sq. #503)

2003 – W.J. WATCH REPAIR (시계박사) 확장이전 (#503-1)

2005 – W.J. WATCH SUPPLY (시계박사) 확장이전, 현재까지 영업중 (#501)

2017 – W.J 2호점 오픈 (다이아몬드 쎈터 1st FL. 21 Dundas Sq. Toronto)


* ROLEX A/S Centre 기술습득 (주. 세화상사)

* 한국 시계 기술협회 (K.W.I) 정회원

* 미국 시계 기술협회 (A.W.I) 정회원

* WATCH. CLOCK 콜렉터 협회 (N.A.W.C.C) 정회원

* 한국 시계 기술협회 전 총무 이사

* 서울 은평 청년 회의소 회장 (97년)

* 서울 종로 예지동 W.J 업자 시계수리 운영

* 서울 종로구 보광사 5년 경영

* 서울 은평구 보광당 16년 경영

은평신문 대상 (선행상.95)

은평 경찰서장 감사장 (총경 이민수 7호)

은평 구청장 표창장 (류동주 118호)

서울 특별시의회 의장 표창장 (문일권 130호)

서울 특별시장 표창장 (조순 622호)

국회 의원 표창장 (이재오)

한국 청년회의소 서울지구회장 표창장 (백성인)

한국 청년회의소 중앙 회장 표창장 (홍성태 96-157)